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Carton design features
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Wrapped boxes

Package volume type corrugated box and 0210 type box some similar, its difference in in: 0210 box stared blankly to parallel in box billet cardboard wide, and package volume type carton stared blankly to parallel in cardboard long; 0210 box joint connection in main box surface, and package volume type carton is connection in side box surface; 0210 box both inside and outside shake cover pressure marks line in a article line Shang, and package volume type box is different.

In use, unlike 0210 cartons that, in carton plants through the process of system box, to the user factory then put the contents in the box, but just die-cut carton blanks to packaging, packaging machine automatically by the user on the contents and then roll it into boxes.

Compared with the standard box, pack roll cartons are with less cartons with contents closely together, can achieve high-speed automation.

Split carton

Separate cartons can be divided in two or more in circulation, the main settlement of contradictions between mass production and small quantities.

Separate cartons can be based on the traditional standard box-type small box-using a variety of materials to be combined, or adopt a new molding methods.

Cartons of the new separation typically use h-partitions-wrapped carton with a combination of ways.

N-and f-type wrap cardboard box two. Where f is more popular, mainly used in plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and glass packaging of bottled condiments.

F-type wrap carton 20 bottles box can be decomposed into two 10-bottle boxes, also improves the compressive strength of packaging, packaging material costs are reduced, and good promotion.

Triangular prism-carton

Triangular prism-type corrugated box is the box and the lined pages, four corners of corrugated boxes form a triangular prism, or at right angles to column structure, so as to improve the compressive strength of 20%-50%.

Carton tray and seals of the triangular prism into two types, and have a variety of box-type to choose. And General corrugated box compared, triangle column type corrugated box in standard State Xia, compressive strength can improve 20%-30%, high wet state Xia improve 40%-60%; box not occurred convex drum phenomenon, in wet state Xia especially obviously; from structure Shang see, angle corner part compared substantial, so fell impact and vibration Shi, within loaded real damaged rate very low; imposed load Shi, carton deformation stable, easily caused stacking collapsed; tray type triangle column corrugated box of sales displayed sex good.