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Save considerations for printed tape
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Tape type and specifications according to the needs and specific conditions of selection. tapes should be stored in the warehouse, avoiding the Sun and rain; banned contact with the acid-base oil and organic solvents, be clean and dry, from the discovered devices outside of the 1M, room temperature is between-15 ℃ ~ 40℃.

Do not let the tape hunting or crawling, to keep dragging roller, vertical roll flexible tension moderation. conveyor fitted with baffles and install when clean appliance, you should avoid wear on tape. tape should be placed in roll, without folding, stored too long should be once every quarter turn.

Some tape handling conveying with Shi best with crane, and and has beam of cable with smooth hanging up, avoid damaged with side, do not outrageous handling, caused pine volume dumped sets. shall not put different varieties, different specifications model, strength, cloth layer number of tape connection (distribution group) in with using. conveying with joint best used hot sulfide rubber received, to improve reliability, keep high of effective strength.