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Warning tape
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Identifies the tape when the used regional division, called marking tape or tape when used as a warning, warning tape. But both are actually the same thing. When the used regional division, currently there is no standard or conventional, to specify what kind of divided area need what kind of colors, green, yellow, blue and white are commonly in use. When used as a warning when, according to GB 2893-2001 the security and the Ministry of health released in 2003 of the workplace occupational hazard warning labels, color of red, yellow, green, and two-color red-and-white, green, white, and yellow and black can be used as warning lines. Here, we propose to make a distinction with warning tape marking tape. White, yellow and green as a marking; red, red, white, green and white and yellowish black as a warning.

When used as a warning when red forbids and blocks mean; red and white stripes indicate forbid access to dangerous conditions; yellow-and-black striped indicated that prompts people to pay special attention to means; green and white stripes more eye-catching reminder.