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Coating Method Of Coated Fabric
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Coated fabric, as the name suggests, is coated with a layer of fabric on the surface of other materials. This also shows that the coated fabric has two processing objects - the base fabric, the coating material, and the combination of the two techniques - coating technology. Generalized coating techniques, including lamination, that is, the application of a layer of adhesive on the base fabric, covered with a thin film or other material, heated and pressed to form a composite fabric; or the film itself is the adhesive material, Coated Woven Fabric Bind the base fabric with other materials. In the narrow sense is the coating material coated to the fabric surface of the processing process. Coated fabric coating method will have to be based on product requirements, the characteristics of the coating agent used to choose. Generally divided into two types of direct coating and indirect coating. The direct coating method is to apply the coating agent directly to the fabric surface by the physical and mechanical method. The indirect coating method is also called the transfer coating. The coating agent is coated with a special anti-stick transfer paper (Also known as release paper). Coated Woven Fabric And then press together with the fabric, so that the coating with the fabric adhesion, and then transfer paper and fabric separation.

In China, coating processing technology for rubber, paper and other industries is not a new technology, but in the textile printing and dyeing industry in the application of coating technology, but only in recent years to expand the development of the. China's large population, vast territory, the demand for coated fabric, Coated Woven Fabric but the domestic production is slow. According to the survey, the Ministry of Commerce in recent years from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other places imported more than 20 million meters of coated fabric, mainly due to Guangdong, Fujian coastal areas after opening up, the vigorous development of clothing, Industry requires a large number of coated fabrics as raw materials.

Coated fabric coating method should be selected according to product requirements, Coated Woven Fabric common coating methods are the following:

Dry method

This method is a traditional process, the method is relatively simple, as long as the coating agent with a solvent or water dilution according to the required concentration, and add the necessary agents and colorants dubbed coating, with the applicator evenly coated on the cloth , And then by drying, Coated Woven Fabric baking, so that the solvent or water evaporation, in the base fabric to form a layer of tough film.

The process is: the base roll → coating → drying → rolling (or copy) → cooling → finished roll.

Wet method

Dissolved in dimethylformamide (DMF) coating agent (such as polyurethane), made of coating, coated, immersed in water into a solidified film. As the DMF and water infinite immiscibility, dissolved in water DMF, and polyurethane insoluble in water, the concentration increased rapidly, and finally deposited on the base fabric above. During the solidification of the coating, DMF exudes sharply from the polyurethane due to the action of the semipermeable membrane, resulting in micropores of the channel perpendicular to the surface of the film. Therefore, Coated Woven Fabric the surface of the polymer film is porous, and if the diameter of these micropores is controlled within 0.5 to 5 μm, it is possible to produce a moisture-proof and moisture-proof and moisture-proofing cloth. Wet coating process: the base roll → coating → impregnation in aqueous solution coagulation → drying → cooling → finished roll.

Melting method

It is the thermoplastic resin as a coating agent coated on the base fabric, when used, with hot pressing roller or iron hot pressing, so that the original coated on the base of the dot-like, Coated Woven Fabric linear or mesh resin again melted , Bonded to the fabric in the processing, commonly used in bonding collar lining. The process flow varies depending on the coating method, the following are common.