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Matters Needing Attention In Construction Process Of Rubber Sealing Strip
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Matters needing attention in construction process of rubber sealing strip

Rubber water stop construction and installation method is to use a rubber water stop key, we know that in concrete pouring process, the rubber water stop is some or all of water buried in concrete. Because there are many sharp corner stones in the concrete and razor-sharp steel, so the water stop position and concrete pouring process, should pay attention to the installation location and the concrete pressure, to prevent water from being punctured. Because of the plastic and rubber lower tear strength than tensile breaking strength of 3-5, so if punctured will significantly reduce the product's ability to resist external force, so pay special attention to in the construction.

Rubber sealing strip joint two ways: one is the use of adhesive for cold joints, one is using a hot vulcanizing mold heat.

Below introduce two joint method: cold is adhesive rubber seal with special cold glue, using the lap section of the law requires joint water stop grinder grind 5~10 cm, coating real water pressure, has high strength and fast solidification of advantage, the construction is convenient, saves time and effort, general quality requirements can be achieved.