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PP Woven Cloth Has Been Widely Used
- Jul 04, 2017 -

PP woven cloth use categories: geotextile 1. Water conservancy projects: seawall, river embankment, embankment, lake embankment project; bottom engineering, water diversion; reservoir seepage and reinforcement, flood control works.

2. Highway engineering: soft foundation reinforcement solution; slope protection; PP Woven Cloth road anti-reflective seam tectonic layer; drainage system; green cut off zone

3. Railway engineering: railway machine reinforcement project; embankment slope enhancement layer; tunnel lining waterproof, drainage layer; geotextile drainage ditch.

4. Airport project: to the bottom reinforcement; PP Woven Cloth apron foundation and pavement structure layer; airport routes and drainage system.

5. Power plant project: nuclear power plant foundation works; thermal power plant ash dam project; hydropower project.

With the people of our country to protect the environment, love the earth and save resources, the voice is getting higher and higher, the international market for PP woven fabric packaging requirements are becoming more stringent. PP woven cloth harmless, non-polluting and renewable use of environmentally friendly packaging is the commodity export trade has played an important role in pivotal. At present the popular environmentally friendly packaging of a new type of PP woven cloth products is an important product.

PP woven cloth is made of plastic and kraft paper composite, under normal circumstances the plastic layer using polypropylene or polyethylene as the substrate flat woven cloth, kraft paper is mainly used in the composite kraft paper, PP woven cloth has high strength, Waterproof and beautiful appearance of the beautiful features. Paper-plastic composite sealing performance is very good, relatively high barrier, PP Woven Cloth moisture permeability through the moisture is very low, anti-fouling anti-corrosion anti-corrosion mechanical properties of relatively strong anti-blasting performance, anti-puncture and tear resistance, Low temperature, elegant appearance at the same time has a wide range of practicality, widely used in plastic raw materials, feed, chemical, fertilizer, plastics and other industries. In short, PP Woven Cloth Zhisu composite PP woven cloth is a barrier, moisture-proof shading, puncture resistance and excellent heat sealing performance, PP woven cloth for food factory electronics factory, pharmaceutical companies, candy factories, cosmetics companies, health care Product companies and toy factories, so this widely used in the packaging of PP woven fabric products are becoming the trend of environmental packaging.