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PP Woven Cloth Is Widely Used In Water Conservancy Projects
- Sep 20, 2017 -

PP Woven fabric Features:

The reverse filtration of PP woven fabric: Used for the filtration of dikes, dams, rivers and coastal rocks, soil slopes and retaining walls to prevent the passage of sand grains and allow the free passage of water or air.

Second, pp woven fabric protection: To prevent the embankment by wind, waves, tide, rain scouring, and used for revetment, slope protection, protect the bottom, to prevent soil erosion.

The reinforcement function of PP woven fabric: For the rock projects such as highway, railway, airport, dam, slope dike, backfill soil of retaining wall, Bing and so on, PP Woven Cloth the stress of dispersed soil increases the modulus of soil parts, restricts the slippage of soil parts and enhances the stability.

In the laying of PP woven cloth, must be careful not to allow stones, PP Woven Cloth a large amount of dust or moisture, such as the possibility of damaging pp woven cloth, the possibility of blocking drains or filter nets, or the possibility of the next connection to bring difficulties to the material into PP woven cloth or geotextile pp woven fabric below;

PP Woven fabric After the installation, the surface of all PP woven fabric visual to determine all the damaged landlord, mark and repair, PP Woven Cloth to determine the laying surface does not cause damage to foreign substances, such as broken needles and other foreign bodies;

PP Woven fabric characteristics

1, strong: Because of the use of plastic flat wire, PP Woven Cloth in wet and dry conditions can maintain full strength and elongation.

2, corrosion-resistant: In different ph of the soil and water can endure corrosion.

3, good permeability: there is a gap between the flat wire, PP Woven Cloth so there is good water permeability.

4, the Resistance to microbial good: microbial, moth-eaten is not damaged.

5, the construction is convenient: because the material is light, soft, therefore transports, the laying, PP Woven Cloth the construction is convenient.

PP Woven fabric is widely used in water conservancy, Power, harbor, Highway, railway construction and other projects.