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Pp Woven Cloth With A Drainage Filter
- Oct 26, 2017 -

pp woven cloth is based on polypropylene, acrylic fiber as raw material, by the two groups of parallel yarn (its shape is flat) composition, a group along the loom longitudinal (fabric direction) called warp yarn, another The group layout is called weft. With different preparation of weaving equipment and technology will be woven and weft yarn woven together into a cloth, according to the use of different types of knitting into different thickness and density, PP Woven Cloth the general pp weaving cloth thin and vertical and horizontal have a very strong tensile Strength (longitude than latitude), with good stability. , In the dry and wet state can maintain full strength and elongation, woven cloth, PP Woven Cloth also known as spinning geotextile, woven cloth.

pp woven cloth with reinforcement: to stabilize the project in the course of prolonged use of the transfer occurred, and can be used in the soil of local stress transmission or assigned to a larger area.

pp woven cloth with the separation of the role: geotextile to separate the different geomaterials to form a stable interface, in accordance with the requirements to play their own characteristics and the overall role.

pp woven cloth with a drainage filter effect: geotextile to allow moisture to block the loss of sand particles, PP Woven Cloth in the drainage for the geotextile in the poor water can play a slow pumping of water and water along the soil The purpose of the rapid discharge of cloth.

pp woven cloth with geotextile and geomembrane used in the two different pressures between the material can play the role of tension diaphragm.

pp woven cloth with a block function: the geotextile placed in the flow of liquid with suspended particles in the channel to prevent fine mud particles, PP Woven Cloth and allow the liquid through the function.

pp woven cloth with a cushion cushion function: the geotextile placed on the slope can prevent the soil particles due to the erosion of rain and the loss or planting turf.

PP Woven Cloth Product Features:

1, high strength: the use of plastic flat wire, in the dry and wet state can maintain sufficient strength and elongation.

2, corrosion resistance: in different pH of the soil and water can be long-term corrosion resistance.

3, good water permeability: between the flat wire gap, it has a good water permeability.

4, anti-microbial good: the micro-organisms, insects are not damaged.

5, construction convenience: As the material light, soft, so the delivery, laying, construction convenience.

PP Woven Cloth Main purposes: PP Woven Cloth widely used in water conservancy, electricity, harbor, highway, railway construction and other projects.