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PP Woven Fabric Is Good At Microbial Resistance
- Sep 11, 2017 -

PP Woven cloth is specifically used to inhibit the growth of weeds, weeding cloth with opaque, breathable, and fast water seepage characteristics, so that weeds can not grow, but also anti-ultraviolet and mildew. There is a certain strength and wear resistance. Can prevent the plant root from exposing. PP Woven Cloth Improve labor and economic benefits. Reduce the use of pesticides to prevent environmental pollution on the basis of

PP Woven cloth advantages, but also increase the long-term retention of water, increase the consolidation of soil, more beneficial to plant growth. PP Woven Cloth As a result of the addition of marked lines, in the greenhouse or outside the placement or arrangement of cultivated medium. Can be accurately arranged to improve labor efficiency.

PP Woven fabric Characteristics:

1, strong, because of the use of plastic flat wire, in wet and dry conditions can maintain full strength and elongation.

2, corrosion resistance, PP Woven Cloth in different ph of the soil and water can endure corrosion.

3, through the water through the flat wire between the gap, it has good water seepage performance.

4, good resistance to microbial, insect-eaten is not damaged.

5, the construction is convenient, because the material is light, soft, therefore transports, the laying, the construction is convenient.

6, high fracture strength, can reach 20kn/m above, good creep resistance, corrosion resistance.

PP Woven fabric Specification:

1, Width: The width of the narrowest 40cm, the widest up to 6 meters, PP Woven Cloth the width can be customized according to demand.

2, Length: 1m-1000m can be customized according to customer requirements.

3, grams Weight:, can reach 55g, can reach 200g.

4, color: mainly in black, green, brown mainly, PP Woven Cloth other colors can be customized.