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PP Woven Fabric Water Permeability Good
- Aug 30, 2017 -

PP Woven cloth is made of polypropylene, acrylic flat wire as raw material, by two sets of parallel yarn (its shape is flat line), a group of weaving along the longitudinal (the direction of the fabric) called the warp, another set of horizontal layout called the weft. PP Woven Cloth Weave the warp and weft together with different weaving equipment and processes to form a cloth, it can be woven into different thickness and compactness according to different use range, and the general woven Geotextile has a relatively strong tensile strength (longitude is greater than latitude) and has good stability performance. PP Woven Cloth In wet and dry state can maintain full strength and elongation, pp woven fabric is also known as woven geotextile, woven geotextile.

PP Woven fabric characteristics

1, strong: Because of the use of plastic flat wire, in wet and dry conditions can maintain full strength and elongation.

2, corrosion-resistant: In different ph of the soil and water can endure corrosion.

3, good permeability: there is a gap between the flat wire, PP Woven Cloth so there is good water permeability.

4, the Resistance to microbial good: microbial, moth-eaten is not damaged.

5, the construction is convenient: because the material is light, soft, therefore transports, the laying, the construction is convenient.

In the laying of PP woven cloth, must be careful not to allow stones, a large amount of dust or moisture, such as the possibility of damaging pp woven cloth, PP Woven Cloth the possibility of blocking drains or filter nets, or the possibility of the next connection to bring difficulties to the material into PP woven cloth or geotextile pp woven fabric below;

PP Woven fabric After the installation, PP Woven Cloth the surface of all PP woven fabric visual to determine all the damaged landlord, mark and repair, to determine the laying surface does not cause damage to foreign substances, such as broken needles and other foreign bodies;

With the development of weaving cloth market, market competition is more and more fierce, how to occupy a place in the fierce market environment, that is to say the characteristics of the product. PP Woven fabric is widely used in water conservancy, Power, harbor, Highway, railway construction and other projects.

1, pp knitting is a kind of polymer chemical flexible material, PP Woven Cloth the proportion is small, the extension is stronger, adapts the deformation ability to be high.

2, in wet and dry state PP Woven fabric can maintain full strength and elongation, the microbial, moth-eaten are not damaged.

3, pp woven cloth to enhance the tensile strength and deformation resistance of soil, enhance the stability of the building structure to improve the quality of soil.

4, environmental resistance, at room temperature, pp woven fabric is virtually completely unaffected by water erosion, 24 hours of water absorption rate of less than 0.01%, moisture penetration is also very low, low temperature brittle crack.

5, high fracture strength, pp woven fabric in PP products is a flexible, PP Woven Cloth high fracture strength of the material, which is related to its molecular structure, crystallization degree, stretching orientation, etc., but also with the type of additives, if used to measure pp woven cloth, higher than or close to metal material.