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Process Of Coated Fabrics
- Jul 17, 2017 -

The coated fabric is a composite material that is simply considered to be two layers of fabric pressed together. The bottom layer is a substrate, and the top layer is coated.

Different coatings have different functions, of course, the coating will have enhanced effect. So that should be more durable.

Coated fabric coating methods should be selected according to product requirements, common coating methods are the following:

Dry method

This method is a traditional process, the method is relatively simple, as long as the coating agent with solvents or water as required concentration dilution, Coated Woven Fabric and add the necessary medicament and colorant with coating slurry, evenly coated on the substrate with a coater, then drying, baking, so that the solvent or water evaporation, the formation of a layer of tough film on the base cloth.

The process is: base cloth roll up → coating → drying → rolling pressure (or the flower) → cooling → finished product.

Wet method

With two methyl formamide (DMF) dissolved coating agent (such as polyurethane), made of coating slurry, coated, immersed in water into a solidified film. Because DMF can and water infinite miscible, in water DMF dissolved, and polyurethane insoluble in water, concentration rapidly increased, Coated Woven Fabric finally deposited on the base cloth. In the process of coating solidification, the DMF seeps rapidly from the polyurethane due to the role of the semi-permeable membrane, resulting in a porous channel perpendicular to the surface of the film. Therefore, the surface of the polymer membrane is porous, if the diameter of these pores is controlled in 0.5~5μm, Coated Woven Fabric can be made into breathable and waterproof, breathable poncho. Wet coating process is: base cloth rolling → coating → immersion in aqueous solution solidification → drying → cooling → finished rolling.

Melting method

It is to heat the thermoplastic resin as coating agent on the cloth, to be used, hot pressing roller or iron, so that the original coated cloth on the base of the point-like, Coated Woven Fabric linear or reticular resin melted again, bonded in the processed fabric, often used for bonding collar. The process is different depending on the coating method, and there are several common.