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The Integrated Seepage Control And Drainage Of Woven Fabric
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Woven fabric with excellent water permeability, filtration, durability, can be widely used in railways, highways, sports halls, dams, hydraulic construction, tunnel, coastal beach, reclamation, Woven Cloth environmental protection and other projects. Main functions: Set impervious and drainage role in one, at the same time have the function of isolation and reinforcement. The composite strength is high, the peel strength is big, the puncture strength is high. The drainage capacity is strong, the friction coefficient is big, the coefficient is small. Woven Cloth The anti-aging performance is good, adapts the ambient temperature scope to be wide, the quality is stable.

1, strong: Because of the use of plastic flat wire, in wet and dry conditions can maintain full strength and elongation.

2, corrosion-resistant: In different ph of the soil and water can endure corrosion.

3, good permeability: there is a gap between the flat wire, Woven Cloth so there is good water permeability.

4, the Resistance to microbial good: microbial, moth-eaten is not damaged.

5, the construction is convenient: because the material is light, soft, therefore transports, the laying, the construction is convenient.

Main use

Widely used in water conservancy, electricity, harbor, highways, Woven Cloth railway construction and other projects.