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The Performance And Function Of Woven Cloth Products
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Woven cloth is based on polypropylene, acrylic fiber as raw material, by the two groups of parallel yarn (its shape is flat) composition, a group along the loom longitudinal (fabric direction) called warp yarn, another group The horizontal arrangement is called weft. With different preparation of weaving equipment and technology will be woven and weft yarn woven together into a cloth, according to the use of different types of knitting into different thickness and density, the general weaving geotextile thin vertical and horizontal have a very strong tensile Strength (longitude than latitude), Woven Cloth with good stability. Woven Cloth In the dry and wet state can maintain sufficient strength and elongation. Woven cloth, also known as spinning geotextile, woven geotextile.

The performance and function of woven cloth products

Production of woven cloth, the need to use polypropylene, acrylic fiber flat wire as the basic raw materials, according to a certain technology for weaving, Woven Cloth the direction of control. Preparation of the method can be improved according to specific requirements.

We can according to the scope of use of different woven into a different thickness and density.It is very good strength, with good reliability in the case of dry and wet, Woven Cloth you can also maintain a good strength and elongation, powerful. This product has its own performance and role.

First, weaving cloth has a very good reinforcement effect, can be used in roads, railways, airports and so on, can disperse the soil stress. It greatly increased the bulk modulus, Woven Cloth limiting the soil slip, large Improve stability.

Second, weaving cloth is also a strong protective effect, you can avoid the rain erosion, to prevent soil erosion. It is also a filter effect, after its treatment, can allow water or air free circulation. To ensure its performance advantages, should be used in a reasonable way to use it also pay attention to certain methods, powerful.