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The Performance Characteristics Of Woven Cloth
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Woven cloth is based on polypropylene, acrylic fiber as raw material, by the two groups of parallel yarn (its shape is flat) composition, a group along the loom longitudinal (fabric direction) called warp yarn, another group The horizontal arrangement is called weft. With different preparation of weaving equipment and technology will be woven and weft woven together woven into cloth, Woven Cloth according to the use of different types of knitting into different thickness and density, the general weaving geotextile thin vertical and horizontal have a very strong tensile Strength (longitude than latitude), with good stability. In the dry and wet state can maintain sufficient strength and elongation.

Woven cloth, also known as spinning geotextile, woven geotextile. Product performance

1, the role of reinforcement: for roads, railways, airports, dams, embankment, Woven Cloth retaining wall backfill, side Pei and other rock engineering, the dispersion of soil stress to increase the modulus of soil parts, stability. The same time as

2, the protective effect: to prevent the embankment by the wind, waves, tide, rain erosion, and for the revetment, slope protection, bottom, Woven Cloth to prevent soil erosion. The same time as

3, the role of filtering: for the embankment, dam, river and coastal stone fast, soil slope, retaining wall of the filter layer to prevent sand particles through, and allow water or air through the free.

The role of woven cloth:

It has excellent water permeability, filterability and durability, Woven Cloth and can be widely used in railway, highway, sports hall, dam, hydraulic construction, tunnel, coastal beach, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects.


1. The use of woven cloth good permeability and water permeability, so that water through, so as to effectively remove the loss of sand;

2. Weaving cloth has a good water conductivity, Woven Cloth it can form a drainage channel within the soil, the soil structure of the excess liquid and gas efflux;

3. The use of woven cloth to enhance the soil tensile strength and resistance to deformation, enhance the stability of the building structure to improve the quality of soil;

4. Effective focus will be concentrated diffusion, transmission or decomposition, to prevent the destruction of soil by external forces;

5. to prevent the upper and lower gravel, soil and concrete mixed between;

6. Mesh is not easy to plug - due to the formation of irregular fibrous tissue structure and strain and mobility;

7. High water permeability - in the soil under the pressure, can still maintain a good water permeability;

8. Corrosion resistance - Polypropylene chemical fiber as raw material, Woven Cloth Naisuan Jian, no corrosion, no moth, anti-oxidation;

9. Simple construction - light weight, easy to use, simple construction specifications and performance parameters of product specifications. Features Acid and alkali resistance, deformation resistance, with good drainage isolation performance, construction and so on. Use for the role of roads, railways, promotion, coastal tidal and other projects of anti-seepage filter, drainage isolation. Can adapt to each other.