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What Is The Packing Tape?
- Feb 17, 2017 -

Packaging tape and called Bopp tape, and packaging tape,it is to BOPP two-way stretch polypropylene film for base material, after heating uniform smear pressure sensitive LaTeX liquid, makes its formed 8 μ m----28 μ m ranging of rubber layer, formed BOPP tape mother volume, is light class enterprise, and company, and personal life in the not missing of supplies, national on tape industry also no a perfect of standard, only a industry standard seal box with BOPP pressure sensitive rubber stick with.

After the original films BOPP Corona-treated, surface roughness, glue on it, first form a tape volume, then slitting machine cut into size, ranging from small volumes that we daily use tapes. Pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion, main ingredient is butyl acetate.