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Woven Bags By Manufacturers And Consumers Of All Ages
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The type of woven bags are more, and the use of a wide range, this low cost of woven bags, long life, so favored by manufacturers and consumers, then this kind of woven bags with what performance characteristics?

Woven bag color is generally white or gray, non-toxic and tasteless, Woven Bag the human body damage is generally smaller, although it is made of a variety of chemical plastics, but its strong environmental protection, and recovery efforts;

Woven bag is widely used, mainly for a variety of items into the packaging and packaging, widely used in industry;

Woven bags are polypropylene resin as the main raw material, the extrusion, Woven Bag stretching into flat wire, and then by weaving, made of bags.

Woven bags are made of plastic woven fabric as a base, made by the casting method. In the case of

According to the sewing method is divided into sewing bottom bag, seam bottom bag, plug pocket, adhesive sewing bag. In the case of

According to the effective width of the bag is divided into 450,500,550,600,650,700 mm, Woven Bag special specifications agreed by the supply and demand sides.

The main production process is the use of plastic raw materials through the extrusion film, cutting, one-way stretch for the flat wire, after weft and weave to get the product, commonly known as woven bags.

Woven bag non-toxic, tasteless, low density, strength, stiffness, hardness and heat resistance are better than low-pressure polyethylene, can be used at about 100 degrees. Has good electrical properties and high-frequency insulation from humidity, but low temperature Brittle, not wearable, easy to aging. Woven Bag Suitable for the production of general mechanical parts, corrosion-resistant parts and insulation parts. Common acid and alkali organic solvents have little effect on it and can be used for utensils.

1, woven bags have a strong tensile strength and impact resistance, so more durable.

2, woven bags also have corrosion resistance, pest control and other chemical properties, Woven Bag so suitable for a variety of solid products.

3, woven bags of non-slip good, longer life, Woven Bag for some of the more harsh environment.

4, woven bags of good ventilation, Woven Bag suitable for those who need to heat the product.

5, woven bags for a wide range of applications, Woven Bag but can not be used in fine powder and high activity above the product.