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Woven Bags Can Be Reused
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Many of the woven bags can be reused, re-use to involve a clear problem, do not know everyone in life there is no problem encountered in cleaning bags, and today we come together to understand.

The first is cleaning: through professional equipment can be residual glue and other pollutants separated. At the same time in the cleaning process, Woven Bag according to the material impurity content is uniform to choose whether the continuous cleaning or intermittent cleaning. If the material impurities evenly, you can choose continuous cleaning, uneven content on the choice of intermittent cleaning. Followed by rinsing: can separate the density of different polymers and re-cleaning substances and balance PH value. However, Woven Bag it should be noted that in the cleaning can be added to the cleaning agent, it is a used for waste plastic woven bags before crushing granulation cleaning agent, you can waste plastic woven bags above a variety of printed writing, patterns and other stains clean.

Rinse commonly used in family life, the method is relatively simple, do not spend a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources, so when used in the more convenient. We can later through this method to clean the home woven bag.

Woven bags in the production process will always appear broken phenomenon, and in order to completely solve this problem we must first understand the cause of this phenomenon. Woven Bag According to the relevant expert analysis, the main reasons for this phenomenon are the following:

(1) the shuttle wheel installation location is not correct: In order to evenly distribute the shuttle wheel on the flat wire rolling force, so that the shuttle safely running along the ring road, the shuttle four shuttle wheel must be smooth with the upper and lower slide contact. Woven Bag The bottom of the shuttle is fixed and the angle of the four shuttle wheels must be symmetrical, so that the assembled shuttle can smoothly touch the upper and lower chute.

(2) push the shuttle wheel squeeze force: shuttle wheel position is not correct, when the shuttle position is high when the low, or the operation is not flexible, Woven Bag are on the warp to produce irregular rolling pressure, resulting in broken by. And the disc fixed position is high or low, also affect the extension of the push rod.

(3) the ambient temperature is too low: the ambient temperature is too low, generally below 5 ℃, the flat wire was crisp, broken wire significantly increased the probability. In the 10 ℃ below, there may be brittle fracture.

(4) shuttle bar guard adjustment assembly: the shuttle outside the protection barrier is to protect the warp and weft pipe contact, collision, winding design, it is inclusive of the yarn through the staggered changes in the flat wire opening and the key to successful weft The The appropriate shape of the barrier, Woven Bag the appropriate width, can reduce the shuttle off the warp, reduce the flat hair fever pilling, split wire; can reduce the friction of the flat wire sliding friction.

(5) up and down the track wear: the shuttle up and down the track wear, especially the friction was uneven state, shuttle wheel through the convex surface of the flat wire by the rolling force, easy broken wire.

(6) flat hair fluff: some fluffy flat yarn in the weaving process through a variety of threading holes and brown hole of the friction began to split the wire, has split the wire and then through the shuttle of the bar, the barrier of friction, broken Silk phenomenon occurs frequently.