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Woven Bags For Food Packaging
- Aug 18, 2017 -

Woven Bag Features:

Non-toxic, tasteless, small density, strength, stiffness, hardness heat resistance is better than low pressure polyethylene, can be used in about 100 degrees. Good electrical properties and high frequency insulation are not affected by humidity, but the low-temperature is brittle, wear-resistant, easy to aging. Suitable for the production of general mechanical parts, corrosion-resistant parts and insulating parts. Common acid and alkali organic solvents have little effect on it and can be used for utensils.

Woven bags are used in cement packaging, which account for more than 85% of the bulk cement packaging. With the development and application of flexible package, plastic woven bags are widely used in marine, Woven Bag transport packaging industry and agriculture products, in agricultural products packaging, woven bags have been widely used in water products packaging, poultry feed packaging, farm cover materials, crop planting shading, windproof, Woven Bag shelter and other materials. Common products: Feed woven bags, chemical woven bags, putty powder woven bags, urea woven bags, vegetable mesh bags, fruit mesh bags.

Woven bag, also known as snake skins. is a kind of plastic, packaging, and its raw materials are generally polyethylene, polypropylene and other chemical plastic materials. Woven Bag We often use woven bags in our lives, do you know what the use of woven bags is?

1, woven bags used in vegetables and other agricultural products packaging

Plastic woven bags are now widely used in water products packaging, Woven Bag poultry feed packaging, farm cover materials, crop planting shading, windproof, shelter and other materials.

2, woven bags for food packaging

In recent years, rice, flour and other food packaging gradually used woven bag packaging. Common woven bags are: Rice woven bags, flour woven bags, corn woven bags and other woven bags.

3. Woven bag applied in geotechnical engineering

Plastic geotextile is a kind of synthetic geotechnical materials, with filtration, drainage, strengthening, isolation, anti-seepage and other functions.

4, woven bags used in tourism transport

Widely used in plastic woven fabrics, are common: logistics bags, logistics packaging bags, freight bags, cargo packaging bags.

5, woven bags used in daily necessities

Fiber Carpet gasket material is also plastic woven fabric, logistics transport of freight woven bags.

6, woven bags used in flood-fighting materials

There is no shortage of woven bags for flood relief. There is also a lack of woven bags for dams, banks, railways and highways. Is the message woven bags, drought woven bags, flood-proof woven bags!

Woven bags are often used by people to carry supplies, but to really say it or plastic woven bags and paper-plastic composite bags more widely used.

The use of woven bag is very wide, mainly used in the packaging and packing of various items, and it has wide use in industry;

Plastic woven bags are polypropylene resin as the main raw material, extruded, into flat wire, and then woven, bag-making.

Woven Bag Composite plastic woven bag is made of plastic woven cloth as the base material, which is compounded by flow extension method.

This series of products are used for packing powdery or granular solid materials and flexible articles. The composite plastic woven bag is divided into two bags and three bags according to the main material.

The sewing method is divided into bottom bag, seam bottom bag, inserting pocket, adhesive sewing bag.

The effective width of the bag is divided into 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700mm, and the special specifications are agreed by both the supply and demand sides.