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Woven Bags Have Strong Tensile Strength
- Sep 11, 2017 -

Woven bag with moisture-proof, high temperature, mildew-proof, not easy to slip, stacking convenient, slightly breathable, reduce damage, the surface is relatively flat, good finish, feel good, economic benefits, lower freight, low prices, good environmental protection, Woven Bag can be repeated use of many times, novel beauty, and other advantages. Adapt to a variety of packaging and transport environment, and plastic woven handbag is more than all the advantages, as a portable bag more convenient to carry the function, due to the role of composite film, moistureproof performance good. The production of multiple folding edge, the use of hot back cover, Woven Bag improve the upper and lower seam strength, can meet the higher humidity requirements, but also additional PE film bag.

The type of woven bag is more, and the scope of use is also relatively wide, relatively low cost, long service life, so by the manufacturers and consumers of all ages, then this plastic woven bag has what kind of performance characteristics?

Performance characteristics of Woven bags

1, woven bags with strong tensile strength and impact resistance, so more durable.

2, woven bags also have corrosion resistance, pest control and other chemical properties, Woven Bag so suitable for a variety of solid products, powder products, is a lot of chemical plant packaging preferred.

3, Woven bag non-slip nature is very good, the service life is also longer, the special material production woven bags can also play a sunscreen Anti-ultraviolet function, is the best choice for outdoor high-temperature storage products.

4, the air permeability of woven bags is good, Woven Bag suitable for those who need to carry out the cooling products.

5, woven bag reusable. The general woven bag has a long life and can be reused to a large extent reducing the cost of purchase and the waste of raw materials.