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Woven Cloth Has A Very Good Stability
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Woven cloth is based on polypropylene, acrylic fiber as raw material, by the two groups of parallel yarn (its shape is flat) composition, a group along the loom longitudinal (the direction of fabric travel) called warp yarn, another group The horizontal arrangement is called weft. In the daily life of the use of woven cloth for the geotextile, woven geotextile, etc., with a product, Woven Cloth but because of different regions and get a different name. In the production we have a little attention to the place. With different preparation of weaving equipment and technology will be woven and weft woven together woven into cloth, according to the use of different areas of knitting into different thickness and density, the general weaving geotextile thin vertical and horizontal have a very strong tensile Strength (longitude than latitude), with good stability. Woven Cloth Especially in dry and wet state can maintain sufficient strength and elongation.

What are the characteristics of woven cloth:

First, the cloth of the filter effect: for the embankment, dam, Woven Cloth river and coastal stone fast, soil slope, retaining wall of the filter layer, to prevent sand particles through, Woven Cloth and allow water or air through the free.

Second, the protective effect of woven cloth: to prevent the embankment by the wind, waves, tide, rain erosion, and for the revetment, slope protection, bottom, to prevent soil erosion.

Third, the reinforcement of the role of woven cloth: for roads, railways, airports, dams, embankment, retaining wall backfill, edge Pei and other rock engineering, Woven Cloth the dispersion of soil stress increase soil parts modulus, Move to improve stability.

Woven cloth design requirements:

First, weaving from the design, production and service are in strict accordance with the IS9001-2000 version of the quality system requirements to operate.

Second, weaving cloth according to the project to establish key files, Woven Cloth timely questions about the quality of products to track and monitor, and timely conduct the relevant services.

Third, weaving cloth for the construction unit to provide all kinds of geotechnical materials such as the construction of reference programs.

Fourth, weaving cloth can be free of charge on the construction of various types of geotechnical materials construction technology training.

Fifth, weaving cloth construction unit needs, we can send personnel to guide the construction and installation.

6, woven cloth for the project to provide adequate accessories and welding equipment.

Woven cloth features:

First, the width of woven cloth: width of the narrowest 40cm, Woven Cloth the widest up to 6 meters, the width can be customized according to demand.

Second, the length of woven cloth: 1m-1000m can be customized according to customer requirements.

Third, weaving cloth weight :, can reach 55g ,, can reach 200g.

Fourth, weaving cloth color: mainly in black, green, brown-based, Woven Cloth other colors can be customized.