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Woven Cloth Is Widely Used In Water Conservancy And Other Projects
- Sep 30, 2017 -

Woven cloth with excellent water permeability, filterability, durability, can be widely used in railways, highways, sports museum, dams, hydraulic construction, then hole, coastal beach, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects. The main function: set anti-seepage and drainage in one, at the same time with isolation and reinforcement and other functions. High strength, high peel strength, high puncture resistance. Drainage capacity, the friction coefficient, linear expansion coefficient is small. Woven Cloth Anti-aging performance is good, to adapt to the ambient temperature range, quality and stability.

1, high strength: the use of plastic flat wire, in the dry and wet state can maintain sufficient strength and elongation.

2, corrosion resistance: in different pH of the soil and water can be long-term corrosion resistance.

3, good water permeability: between the flat wire gap, Woven Cloth it has a good water permeability.

4, anti-microbial good: the micro-organisms, insects are not damaged.

5, construction convenience: As the material light, soft, so the delivery, laying, construction convenience.

The main purpose

Widely used in water conservancy, electricity, harbor, highway, railway construction and other projects.

The role of woven cloth

1, the role of reinforcement: for roads, railways, airports, dams, embankment, Woven Cloth retaining wall backfill, edge Pei and other rock engineering, the dispersion of soil stress to increase the bulk modulus, stability.

2, the role of protection: to prevent the embankment by the wind, waves, tide, rain erosion, and for the revetment, slope protection, bottom, to prevent soil erosion.

3, the role of filtering: for the embankment, dam, river and coastal stone fast, soil slope, retaining wall of the filter layer, to prevent sand particles through, Woven Cloth and allow water or air through the free.

4 weaving and editing installation Note:

1, woven cloth can only be cut with a woven knife (hook knife), such as cutting in the venue, the other materials to be taken special protective measures to prevent the cutting of woven cloth caused by its unnecessary damage;

2, in the laying of woven cloth at the same time, must take all necessary measures to prevent damage to the underlying layer of material;

3, in the laying of woven cloth, we must pay attention not to let the stone, a lot of dust or moisture, etc. may damage the woven fabric, it may block the drains or filters, Woven Cloth or may bring difficulties to the next connection into the woven cloth Or weaving the cloth below;