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Woven Fabric Stability Can Be Very Good
- Sep 11, 2017 -

Woven fabric is the daily necessities of life, it is made from the C-B round flat wire and polypropylene as raw materials of two parallel yarn, one group is the horizontal arrangement of the tail weft, the first group is along the warp of the Loom. It can weave the weft and warp together into cloth, using different weaving equipment and processes, it can be used according to different scope of use to make different thickness of the woven cloth, the general woven fabric has a strong tensile strength, stability can be very good, it in the dry and humid state can maintain full elongation and strength.

Woven cloth in the industry's use is very wide, Woven Cloth in different areas also played a different role, then how does it meet the various requirements? Woven cloth is more suitable for strengthening, strengthening and isolating, controlling erosion, protecting the bottom and other protection works, sometimes must use the high intensity of weaving geotextile, and generally the reverse filtration and drainage function of the project is not suitable. Woven Cloth Woven cloth In use is also very convenient, laying the process is very simple, but we also have to comply with its laying requirements oh.

In the construction process, we will use woven cloth to have different physical properties (particle size, distribution, consistency and density, etc.) of the building materials (such as soil and sand grains, Woven Cloth sand grains and gravel, soil and concrete, etc.) isolated. So that the two kinds of materials are not lost, not mixed, to maintain the overall structure and function of the material, so that the structure load bearing capacity to strengthen. This is also a common use of woven cloth, with the continuous development of society, people more need is multi-functional products, so we in the process of using products, do not forget to develop the product, so that we will keep up with the development of society.

The use of woven cloth also has a clear standard, Woven Cloth there is also the existence of errors, then its error range is how big? The effective width deviation of the bag is 700MM and the following is not revised to retain the original standard deviation +15mm--10mm; 700MM above to loosen the allowable deviation for +20mm--10mm. The effective width and the length deviation of the relevant woven bag standards at home and abroad are in the shrinking trend. We have developed a standard effective width and length of the deviation not only did not shrink, but on the wide woven bag and long bag of effective width and length of the deviation has increased, Woven Cloth itself is in line with the user-friendly business philosophy to formulate.