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Woven Fabric With Good Stability
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Woven fabric is the daily necessities of life, it is made from the C-B round flat wire and polypropylene as raw materials of two parallel yarn, one group is the horizontal arrangement of the tail weft, the first group is along the warp of the Loom. It can weave the weft and warp together into cloth, using different weaving equipment and processes, it can be used according to different scope of use to make different thickness of the woven cloth, Woven Cloth the general woven fabric has a strong tensile strength, stability can be very good, it in the dry and humid state can maintain full elongation and strength.

Woven cloth bag, also known as flexible container, is a very good flexible transport packaging container, it has the advantages of moisture-proof, radiation-resistant, Woven Cloth strong safety and dust-proof, and it has enough strength in the structure, the assembly bag is generally made of polypropylene and polyethylene materials, Woven Cloth in a certain extent, loading and unloading and handling of bags are very convenient, Its general scope of application for chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, food additives and refractories all applicable to the industry with packaging, its market sales price of 38 yuan.

Woven cloth is a special process, on the plastic film coated with a very thin layer of metal aluminum, and the formation of a composite packaging material, which is the most commonly used in the process is the vacuum aluminized method, that is, in the high vacuum state, the high-temperature conditions, Woven Cloth the metal aluminum melt away, so that the aluminum vapor on the plastic film deposition, Further make the plastic surface metallic luster. Woven Cloth It is due to its plastic film and metal characteristics, which makes it a good performance of the packaging material, its market price of 900 yuan.

Woven cloth is made of polypropylene, EPDM flat wire as raw material, by two sets of parallel yarn (its shape is a flat line), a group of weaving along the longitudinal fabric of the direction of travel) called the Warp, Woven Cloth another set of horizontal layout called the weft. Weave the warp and weft together with different weaving equipment and processes to form a cloth, it can be woven into different thickness and compactness according to different use range, and the general woven Geotextile has a relatively strong tensile strength (longitude is greater than latitude) and has good stability performance. In wet and dry conditions can maintain full strength and elongation. Woven cloth also known as woven geotextile, woven geotextile.

Product performance of woven fabric

1, reinforcement function: Used for highway, railway, airport, dam, Slope dike, retaining wall backfill soil, Bing and other rock engineering, dispersed soil stress increase the modulus of soil parts, Woven Cloth limit the slippage of soil parts, improve stability.

2, protective role: To prevent the embankment by wind, waves, tide, rain scouring, Woven Cloth and used for revetment, slope protection, protect the bottom, to prevent soil erosion.

3, Reverse filtration: For Dike, dam, river and coastal stone fast, soil slope, retaining wall filter layer, to prevent sand particles through, and allow water or air free passage