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Woven Fabric With Good Stability
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Woven fabric is in accordance with the specifications of manufacturing, belongs to the type of geotechnical products, the shape of a roll of material, with impervious function.

Woven cloth, also known as woven geotextile, is the main product of Wuxi Yu-built Weaving Co., Ltd., woven fabric is made of polypropylene, acrylic flat wire as raw material, composed of two parallel yarns. With different weaving equipment and technology to weave the warp and weft woven cloth, Woven Cloth according to different use range woven into different thickness and compactness, general woven geotextile thin vertical and horizontal to have a relatively strong tensile strength, with good stability.

Woven Fabric Design Requirements:

First, woven fabric from the design, production to service are strictly in accordance with the $literal version of the quality system requirements to operate.

Second, woven cloth in accordance with the project to establish a key file, timely on the quality of questions related to the product tracking monitoring, Woven Cloth and timely implementation of relevant services.

Third, woven cloth for construction units to provide all kinds of geotechnical materials, such as the construction of reference programs.

Four, woven cloth can be free of charge to the construction staff to carry out various types of geotechnical engineering training.

Five, woven fabric construction units need, Woven Cloth we can send staff to guide the construction and installation.

Six, woven cloth for the project to provide adequate accessories and welding equipment.

Woven Fabric Features:

First, woven cloth width: The width of the narrowest 40cm, Woven Cloth the widest up to 6 meters, width can be customized according to demand.

Second, woven cloth length: 1m-1000m can be customized according to customer requirements.

Third, weaving Booker weight:, can reach 55g, can reach 200g.

Four, woven cloth color: mainly in black, green, brown mainly, Woven Cloth other colors can be customized.