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  • China Weave Cloth for Flexitank Woven Bag

    China Weave Cloth for Flexitank Woven Bag

    Ahhui Tiandi Plastic Mschinery Co.,Ltd is located in Tianchang,a place enjoying the reputation of land of abundance, which is 50km from Nanjing. Established in 1991. Depending on independent designed and manufactured high-speed plastic wire drawing machine and large circular looms, we have set a...Read More

  • 175g,180g,230g Flexitank Cloth

    175g,180g,230g Flexitank Cloth

    Our Company have 8 Large PP woven fabric production lines, 30sets circulor loom .the folding diameter specifications is3.5m,3.65m, 3.90m, 3.91m, 3.95m, 3.96m, 3.97m, and 4m, the annual production capacity is 3,000 tons. The production of PP woven fabric for flexitank is 175g-350g (PP-radial...Read More